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Lick my deepest

Hear the starry choir

My eroticism is your oblivion.
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the most filthy Nightwish fanfic community on the planet. Slash, Mary-Sues, whatever. As long as it's so hot you could wank to it.

ALL ENTRIES IN THIS COMMUNITY WILL BE FRIENDS-ONLY. That means you have to join to see them. Membership is moderated...well, just for safety's sake, y'know. (Paranoia?)

-your mod princess of lust, arctic_silence

(Hi, I'm your other mod, starry_choir. I just want to impress upon you dear readers that the contents of this community are so hot they could curl your grandmother's hair, so if you are offended by such, let me show you to the back button on your browser. Otherwise, enjoy and don't forget to bring the mop!)

And I'm your other, other mod: tuomasutra

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