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[07 Nov 2012|08:10pm]


just saying
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My contribution [17 Mar 2012|12:28am]

Author: Metalliwishfan
Pairing: Tuomas/ OC, Emppu/OC
Rating: R

Summary: One of my only complete fics, this is an oldie but a goodie, and is how I write. I am currently an aspiring singer, however, this was written from the dream of someone else, and I will work to get something freshly written and up for your reading pleasure. I don't think I have any really sexy stuff, though I do think this has sex in it ;D

** The only thing I own is my own mind, concept is someone elses, used graciously with her blessings*

Chapter 1:

I took a breath of the exhaust-fume filled air as I topped off the gas tank at a gas-station outside Dallas, TX. It was a typical Texas-in-April day, humid, and pleasantly warm, about 80. We'd driven nearly 3-and-a-half hours in the Chevy Aveo I'd rented in Lawton, Oklahoma. My roommate and best friend was sitting in the car, fidgetting with her eyeliner. We were heading to see Nightwish, a favorite band of ours, minus the current singer. I winced at the sight of the counter telling me that I owed $33.93 when the pump clicked, signaling a full tank.

I put the nozzle back onto the pump and went inside the store part and went to retrieve my change from the pre-paid $40. I glanced at the clock on the wall behind the clerk: 12:35PM, with doors opening for the VIP holders around 7:00PM. I smiled at the man behind the counter and walked to the car, the wind fluffing my skirt.

I opened the door and got in, putting on my seat-belt and started the engine, putting the car in gear and driving out of the gas-station's parking lot, flipped on my blinker and pulled into traffic before merging onto the Woodall-Rogers freeway, and followed the directions as Xirena called them out to me, her brown eyes glowing with excitement. I managed to find a parking garage for guests in the Deep Ellum entertainment district, where the club, Tree's, was located.

We walked down Elm St., our excitement fever pitch when we saw the tourbuses parked one behind the other, plus a smaller coach for Anette, the singer of Nightwish. They were still a few blocks ahead of us. Xirena was adorable and well-put together in a black-fishnet top layered under one of my tank tops, a black mini-skirt that was tattered on the ends, a pair of fishnets and one red-and-black thigh-high sock and white and black thigh high sock were layered over the fishnets. We'd managed to snag a pair of knee-high Demona boots that had a good solid heel, which Xirena needed to keep her balance.

I was wearing a white-tank top with Nightwish in black script-font over my boobs, shadowed in silver, over that I had a red-and-black brocade underbust corset. I was also wearing a handmade red-and-black striped skirt that was a bit longer than mini-skirt length in lue of my 5'9 height. I had decided to go with the multi-paneled look rather than just red-and-black fabric: 4 panels, connected by 8 strips of black-pleather grommet strips. What made it fluffy was the fact that I had a “knee-length” white petticoat under it, that only went to about 3 inches above my knees. I was also wearing the mates to Xirena's thigh-high socks over my own fishnets. My old NaNa pole-climbers completed my look, first time I'd worn them had been for Nightwish almost 3 years previously.

I felt good for once, kept glancing at the passing shop windows at my reflection. My outfit looked amazing, and Xirena was really cute with her super-Cleopatra style eyeliner, which I was also wearing. Even with her 5 inch heeled boots, she was still a good 3 inches shorter than me, her black hair glistening in the sunshine. My own hair was a fire-engine red with blondish-red highlights and deep burgundy lowlights, the remains of a 4-year-long love affair with black hair.

Movement out of the corner of my eye caused me to double take as we were about 50 feet from the back of Anette's coach. I saw a small child running from a short black haired woman and realized that Anette was chasing Nemo, who'd made a beeline for Xirena.

“Nanny-genes much?” I commented loud enough for Anette to hear as she followed her wayward child.

I was rewarded with a cock of Anettes head and a shrug as she gave me the once-over.

“You DO realize this is NOT an Emily Autumn concert, right? This is a Nightwish gig.” she said, snickering at my attire.

“Well no shit, Sherlock. Art is all about expression, so she's being an artist and expressing her own feelings and fashion. Just because we both love Nightwish does not mean that there is any specific style of dress required. You've certainly proved that.” Xirena said, visibly pissed.

“Besides, if you actually KNEW who Emily Autumn was, you might actually have taste, MIGHT.” I retorted, arching a brow at Anette's too-tight low-cut top and jeans and stiletto-heeled booties.

I realize that there is some giggling goin' on at the dress-down-face-off-tussle, one little amused little boy and a grown man. Oh shit. Just then Marco walks clear of the side of the coach and chuckles, giving me a thumbs up.

“Well put. I don't really see whats so bad about her clothing, it's fitted and looks great. Not everyone believes black is metal, Anette.” Marco retorted.

She hissed under her breath and stalked back to her coach, nearly tripping as the edge of her heel caught the uneven pavement.

“Careful, Arska, wouldn't want to rebreak that rib and cause ANOTHER tour to be scuttled.” Xirena mocked, causing me to crack-up laughing.

“Seriously would NOT have that problem if she bothered looking where she was going.” I muttered as Marco shook his head in shock.

“How about I buy you two pretty ladies lunch, because that, was the stuff of legends.” he said as he finally got neurons firing after his shock wore off.

“ Awwl, you don't have to do that, it was really nothing, just spur of the moment and boiled over frustration with her antics. Seriously, dude, Tarja ain't got nothin' on Anette.” I replied, causing him to shrug in agreement.

“I insist- hang on, text” he said, holding up a finger as he tugged his phone out of his jeans with his left.

He glanced at the display, sent a response and kept the phone out, waiting for a response from whoever.

Suddenly, a shouted bit of Finnish was heard, clearly one of the roadies or band members. Marco yelled back and motioned for us to come closer to him.

“What are both of your ages?” he said, glancing at the both of us.

“I'm 25, and her 22nd is today.” I said, smirking at Xirena's huff.

“Happy birthday, and both of you could pass for teenagers.” he replied as Tuomas walked out from the side of the bus, clearly had just woken up because he had his glasses on and slightly mussed dark wavy hair.

“We are going for lunch, no arguments.” Marco said, causing me to roll my eyes and fall in behind the two men, Tuomas occasionally glancing back at me, as if trying to figure out why he recognized me. I knew why he did, but I was keeping my mouth shut until he asked or worked it out on his own. I'd seen them nearly 3 years before, as mentioned, and had met him then, but was too nervous to speak more than a few babbled sentences.

We walked down a few blocks and turned left, heading to a small diner, Tuomas holding the door open for us. I smiled and thanked him.

“Why do I feel that we will get shit for this? They don't look old enough for a beer, Marco.” Tuomas replied, sliding in across from me.

I laughed, along with Xirena, then locked eyes with him.

“Guess again. I'm 25, and her 22nd is today. I don't drink, don't have to worry about beer for me, though.” I replied, stifling a residual giggle.

“Can you both prove that?” Marco asked, glancing at the both of us.

I smirked, dug out my wallet and handed him my liscense. Xirena did the same thing. Both men glanced at the identifications and nodded, handing us back our things, Tuomas and I jumping as we passed along a static discharge.

“Damn, woman, you shocked me!” he said in mock outrage.

I laughed.

“That would be due to nearly getting struck by lightning when I was 13. I've had issues with shocking others and myself on the most random of things. Always thought plastic was a grounding-agent, though.” I ended in contemplation.

“Falyssa and Xirena, interesting names your mothers came up with” Tuomas said, getting corrected by the both of us.

“You do realize that you made an enemy with Arska, right?” Marco asked, glancing at me.

“You develop enemys in life. I don't really care for her much myself, passing herself off as a 'trained' singer. If your self taught, fine, but don't say you've got all this training and nothing to show for it. I at least have all the lesson-discs from my last voice-coach. That and the interview she did with Sweden Rock really pissed me off. I read the English translation and am really amazed that she hasn't went the way of Tarja yet.” I replied, my nerves finally settled down enough to engage in an intelligent conversation.

The men both nodded, then we all placed our orders.

“What pissed you off the most about that... airing-of-dirty-laundry?” Tuomas asked, choosing his words wisely.

“The fact that she admitted to lying. I KNEW she wasn't telling the truth about Belo Horizante as soon as I saw the videos on Youtube.com Yes, there were smoke-machines onstage, but there was not one close enough to her to affect her voice. That and the fact that it seemed she nearly mowed-down Emppu when she stormed offstage spoke volumes. I understand that her making the statement that it was a smoke-machine pretty much gagged y'all from saying more lest you contradict 'the new girl'” I explained.

Tuomas said something in Finnish to Marco which elicited a nod.

Just then, our food arrived.

“Eat. I admit to having no idea where Lawton, Oklahoma is, but something tells me you have driven a long way to see us.” Marco said, as we all started eating.

After I was halfway through my messy cheeseburger, I set it down and downed half my water in one swoop.

“Lawton is about 4 hours from here. Had to drive about 40 minutes south, then 3 hours east. Happy that the rental has a good fuel-economy. And no, we are definitely staying at a hotel in Dallas before driving back, even if that means the car will be a few minutes late on the return. I hate driving at night, evil day-star powered all the way.” I said, glancing at Xirena, who was munching on the last of her fries, her burger gone.

“Evil... day-star?” Tuomas asked, nearly squeaking out the last syllable.

“The sun. It burns, even with the liberal application of Coppertone 75+, therefore, evil.” I said.

“No, that might be because of your... German? Ancestry.” he said, guessing on the nationality.

“Germany is one of the countries, but there are several more.” I replied, as I finished off my plate of food.

Marco pulled out his wallet to get his credit card. I did the same, planning to insist that I pay for at least my own portion of the bill.

“Pretty design, but not needed.” Marco said, as I grimaced and put my card up.

We got up and headed back to the club, saying our goodbyes as we stood in line, Xirena and I the line thus far.

****Dream-Sequence tie in****

We walked into the venue with the rest of the people that had paid for tickets. Instead of the normal VIPs-only-meeting-the-band, it was actually anyone that wanted to meet them, could. I handed the stuff I wanted signed to Jukka, who was sitting at the end of the table.

“Wait, you baked the cookie-bars in Oklahoma City! Red looks good on you, and is that corset going to allow you room to sing for us again?” He replied, as Tuomas hung his head, Jukka's outburst causing him to have his lightbulb moment.

“Please, it's not THAT tight, and I might require a re-tightening of the strings after the meet-and-greet. I've had a years worth of classical lessons since I saw y'all last. I've gotten loud enough and high enough to shatter a street light. And yes, I am the same woman that brought goodies. No yummies this time around, too much of a time crunch and they wouldn't have been as fresh. If y'all do another Oklahoma City date, I'll go ahead and bring somethin' then, ok?” I replied, as Anette, curled her lip up in distaste at the sight of Xirena and myself.

We both pointedly ignored her as we talked with each of the other members, Xirena nearly falling as her bootheel caught a crack, causing Emppu to reach across and steady her, since we'd stopped in front of him.
“Thank you. Hi, I'm Xirena. HUGE fan of your work with Nightwish and Brother Firetribe.” she gushed, blushing at her stumble.

“Not a problem, I'm Emppu and thank you. Guess Red over there gets a bunch of 'coat-hanger' jokes.” he replied, as I was chatting with Tuomas.

“Nah, not 'coat-hanger' more like 'could I borrow her? I need something from the top shelf'” I replied over my shoulder.

Tuomas just chuckled at that.

We finished out chatting and stood off to the side as one of the security guys announced that the merch-table was open.

I walked over to the Nightwish table and glanced at the CDs.

I found what I was looking for: Imaginarium 2 disc edition, one with the vocals, the other without. I bought the CD, since none of the shirts we saw were ones we'd wear.

I stuffed the CDs into my purse as I headed back over to where the band was sitting, and got motioned to come closer to Tuomas, who eventually pulled me into a tight hug, whispering to me to be LOUD, loud enough to sing FOR Anette, then released me with a wink and a sigh. I nodded and saluted, then formed a chain with Xirena and stood where I had for Epica at the same venue 15 months earlier.

I felt someone jostling up beside me on the right and glanced over, seeing the same security-guard chick that resembled Floor Jansen that I'd hung with at the Epica gig.

“Epica, 2010? I wore the glowy green homemade Epica shirt.” I said by way of greeting.

“Yep. Say, what in the hell was that with Tuomas back there? Are you getting tapped by that?” she asked.

“I wish. Nah, more like he asked me to be extremely loud because of something to do with Anette. 'Sing loud enough to sing FOR Anette' he said” I replied, shrugging as the lights went low and the first band came one.

2 bands later, the lights went low and a Nightwish chant was started. When the music for 7 Days To The Wolves came on, the crowd went nuts. I braced myself and started singing, loud enough to sing at least 40 decibels above Anette, who clearly had mic-problems that night. She tried passing the singing off as her own, until the high-notes came, then looked very pissed when I nailed them. That was pretty much how it went for the entire set. Even though they were supporting a new album, they did only stuff up to Dark Passion Play, which threw Anette off more than once. Tuomas apparently pulled a fast-one and changed the setlist. Clearly this was the case when Crownless started playing. She just sat there for that particular song due to not knowing the lyrics, not even trying to sing. I, however, being the DIEHARD lover of older Nightwish hit every note, every word crisp. I wasn't sure HOW I was singing and being heard above the music without sounding like crowd noise. Nonetheless, I concentrated on breathing, hitting the notes, and doing my best not to embarrass myself.

Eventually, as all concerts do, the band bowed, thanking the crowd for the 'EXTREMELY good singing' and 'for being understanding that the “solar flare” had damaged the mixer, making it where Anette couldn't be heard'

The VIPs stayed behind as everyone else cleared out. Xirena and I were in line first, asked for by name and handed bottles of water and Gatorade.

We waited patiently, then followed Ewo, the big blonde giant, up the stairs, leading the pack of VIPs, about 25.

We were lead to what turned out to be the backstage area of the club, and immediately got thanked for all our support.

Anette looked at me and huffed, opened her mouth then shut it.

“Hows your throat with all the screeching you did?” She mocked.

“Actually, it feels damn good. First time I've been able to properly let go and use my classical training. Marquel taught me well, I now know I can sing over a heavy metal band and a screaming crowd. Performing an aria with an orchestra will most likely be no biggie. Fairly certain I could bust out the chorus to 'Death Of A Dream' without much issue, though that might cause a few broken bottles. Much better sounding than that crap YOU pass off as 'belting'” I replied, framing the word 'belting' with my fingers.

“Urrgh!!!!” She growled out and flounced off, ramming her shoulder into mine, or at least trying to. I saw her coming and turned to the side, causing her to stumble down the first 8 steps of the stair case before landing firmly on her ass.

Which, of course, was caught on a cellphone's video camera function. And seen by everyone in the area, including all 4 bands, and the VIPS+ support staff. I found it funny and started to laugh, which ended up causing a laugh-fest of the 60 or so people backstage that saw it.

“Really, bitch, you are NOT the first broad to try and hit me with your shoulder. Be subtle in your assault lest you fall down a flight of stairs.” I called out, giving into temptation, fully playing with fire.

“Wait, that was YOU singing for Nightwish tonight?” someone I vaguely recognized asked me in shock.

“Yep, that was me. I had a blast and inwardly giggled when Anette sat there like a bump on a log when y'all started playing Crownless. Seriously, the chick has been in the band for what, almost 5 years? She should know the shit by now. I had every album memorized in about 4 months. And I've only been into y'all for 3 years. Before then I had no idea who Nightwish was. Though I THINK I might have seen the Nemo vid back in '05, doesn't mean I was into this type of music then.” I replied, striking up a conversation.

“Dude, can I have your autograph? You have an amazing voice, and are fucking cute as hell.” another person replied. I shrugged as I was handed a pen and paper, and gave my first autograph.

“Thank you.” I said, smiling at the guy as I was tugged off to the side by Tuomas, who'd been quietly sitting off to the side for almost an hour, still slightly sweaty, but relaxed.

“'Solar flare'? You changed the setlist obviously without informing Anette. Did you see my buying Imaginarium or something?” I asked, rounding on him once we were in a semi-private state.

“Or something. I've been DYING to change the setlist on her without notice for ages. Marco was the one that suggested rarely played stuff. I know we rehearsed the new stuff, but something told me you could nail the task if you were asked to. Wasn't a solar-flare, we intentionally turned her volume to 2 and everyone else was at 60. And my GOD am I happy that I took the risk. You have an amazing little voice in that gorgous body. Tall, with lovely curves and amazing fire engine red hair. Could I possibly get your cellphone number?” He asked, as I felt myself blush from my hairline to my boobs.

I nodded, pulled out my phone and pulled up the menu, handing it to him to input his number in exchange. I navigated his phone and found the menu easily. I put my number in his phone and handed it back to him. He immediately went into his menu to edit the entry. I checked mine, smiling when I saw he'd simply put Alpha.

I stepped closer to him and spoke directly into his ear.

“I hope you don't think I play dom/sub games. I'm alpha female, especially when pissed. Too stubborn to allow myself to be dommied.” I whispered, inhaling his scent. Hints of Irish Spring, shampoo and pure concentrated male. Mmm, yummy.

Fans started saying goodbye and walking out one-by-one. Eventually, it was just Xirena and myself and the 4 male members of Nightwish.

“You are both extremely tall.” Emppu blurted out, standing next to Xirena, who laughed, used his shoulder for support and unzipped both boots, and removed them. And turned out to be an inch shorter than the small blonde guitar-god, who was wearing flip-flops.

“No, that's just Falyssa. She's the one with extremely long legs and height. Those boots she's wearing add maybe 2 inches to her height, and bending is not optional in HER corset.” Xirena retorted, as I balanced on one leg and stuck the other out in front of me, getting a wolf-whistle from Jukka, earning him a glare.

“Could we interest you in a tour of the tourbus? Club is closing in 5 minutes and we aren't ready for you ladies to leave. What hotel are you staying at?” Jukka asked.

“O..k... We will be crashing at the La Quienta Inn over in Irving off 183. And asking the FANS if they want a tour of the bus. Yes, I'd apprieciate a tour and I'm too wired to drive right now.” I replied.

“That's where we are staying too! How much room do you guys have in your rental?” Tuomas said, smiling like a lit-up Christmas tree.

“Um, we can fit 5 total, so I have 3 seats open, however, the backseat is kinda tiny, and it would be cramped as all get-out whoever sits behind me because I sorta require legroom.” I replied.

The guys conferred amongst themselves.

We all filed down the stairs and trooped to the bus.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.” Marco said, causing me to crack up laughing.

“Not always, sometimes they go round and round and then fly off. Happened to Shadows Fall a few years back. They were 3 days in on I think it was the bands first Ozzfest appearance when a wheel, tire and all flew off and into the brush beside the highway they were driving on, happened to be when the band had just fallen asleep, too.” I retorted, getting a wince.

“Sleeping berths, kitchenette area, back lounge where we do all our video games.” Tuomas said, as my eyes fell on the Logitech G27 gaming wheel for the PS3, next to a black PS3 and a stack of games 12 deep.

I found myself drawn forwards by a familiar logo and cover.

“Who's the Need For Speed belong to? Bad ass game, especially the sequel. Haven't gotten around to the racing wheel yet, not too bad on a gaming pad, though.” I asked, holding one of my newer NFS title obsessions, Shift.

“That would be me. I happened to stumble across one game-tutorial video and was like 'Gotta get the game'” Tuomas said, causing my eyes to widen in surprise.

“Xirena, would you like to stay with me on the bus so that I'm not by myself as it drives to the hotel? That way there is more room in the car.” Emppu asked, glancing at the pretty dark haired woman.

“Sure. Just gonna sit next to you, then, big boy.” she giggled, obviously a little tipsy from something she'd been handed.

“So you are into racing games too, then? Have you managed to get one lap around that reeeaaalllly long track in Germany. Normansleife or something?” Tuomas asked.

“Pfft. I've done 20 lap RACES around that track, it's Nordschliefe, actually. Oh, it gets PAINFUL after the first 7 laps, but it can be done, though I've not managed to nail every corner yet. Trick to getting most is maxing the old Skyline out on handling, leave it stock on performance.” I replied.
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Hai gaiz! [20 Dec 2008|09:10pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hopefully, I'll get around to posting the rest of it before/around Christmas/eventually.

Author: Meee.
Pairing: Tuomas/Emppu
Rating: G or maybe PG in this chapter.
Summary: Emppu spends Christmas with Tuomas.
Disclaimer: Not affiliated with the members of Nightwish or anything related to the band, and how the hell would I make money off of this? I'd like to know. Srsly.

(Also, I is working on a Emppu/Tuomas/Perttu Kivilaakso pron. If anyone's interested, I will actually try to finish and post it.)

Here be's fic.Collapse )

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I was wondering... [01 May 2007|06:03pm]

... is it OK to still post here? I’m in the process of writing a Tuomas/Jukka something… can I post it here?
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Members only, so join, beetches. [22 Mar 2005|01:29pm]

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